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Q: How to use OPA SNOW?
A: It is best to use twice a day, once during day time and second before bedtime. Spray OPA SNOW on preferred areas before heading to work in the morning. Repeat and spray on the same areas before bedtime. Remember to spread the mousse evenly on the skin.
Q: Is OPA SNOW safe for use, will it cause any adverse effects?
A: OPA SNOW is a natural based product completely safe for use causing no adverse or unwanted side effects. It contains natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, green coffee beans, ginger extracts just to name a few, which aids and improves blood circulation.
Q: Is OPA SNOW suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?
A: Pregnant women and nursing mothers are required to take precaution to avoid spraying on sensitive areas such as the breasts and wounds for it might cause adverse effects on the areas.
Q: Is this product suitable for individuals with sensitive skin?
A: OPA SNOW consist of a blend of natural ingredients which does not cause any adverse effects. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to refer to a skin specialist beforehand.
Q: How much does OPA SNOW cost?
A: The price for 1 bottle of OPA SNOW costs RM90. With the purchase of 2 bottles, you get another bottle for free at the price of only RM180.
Q: What is the scent of this product?
A: Greetings, it has a wonderful rose fragrant.
Q: Will there be any rebound effects after achieving good results with OPA SNOW?
A: OPA SNOW is researched and developed based on an Asian diet, lifestyle, and physiological stature, using only natural plant extracts with high quality standard. When use in persistence, it will further create an anti-fat barrier and reduce the amount of fat absorption into the body, naturally blocking any chances of rebound weight gain!
Q: Is OPA SNOW an effective slimming product?
A: The slimming results are definitely desirable. OPA SNOW is the only topical product made using active natural ingredients with proven efficacy. It is technology and scientifically inspired, an effective and natural product, rare in the slimming industry, unique on its own.
Q: Does OPA SNOW require long term usage?
A: It highly depends on each individual. In general, a usage between two to three courses renews the body metabolism, internal secretion, gastrointestinal and other organ functions. It is alright to discontinue when the body has achieved an overall better function and mechanism; where an every day intake of fats, protein, sugar and other nutrients are absorbed and secreted properly.
Q: What is the difference between OPA SNOW and other slimming products?
A: Both Traditional and western slimming products contain various adverse side effects including diarrhea and inhibiting food intake. These slimming methods performs abnormal operations in the body to achieve weight loss, causing internal function impairment, resulting in rebound weight gain, deteriorating health and life-threatening conditions. It alters the natural mechanism of the human body such as tightens and compresses body fat for a period of time. It does not provide a long term solution as it rebounds easily after use. Eastern acupuncture massage is very effective yet it requires regular and long term treatments at a very high cost. OPA SNOW on the other hand, integrates science and technology with Mother Nature, introducing a renewed metabolism and balanced body system. Using various quality natural ingredients mainly Arabica coffee beans and imatinib leaf extracts, it penetrates deep into the skin layers gradually exercising your body into shape. OPA SNOW reaches out to women introducing a healthy, high efficacy slimming solution with no rebound.
Q: Is OPA SNOW suitable for Maternal obesity, will it affect the babies of nursing mothers?
A: OPA SNOW is especially suitable for post-partum mothers where it aims specifically on body fats. Simply spray on desired areas to achieve slender arms and legs, eliminate orange peels and getting rid of excess body fats. It aims to renew and rebuild a new metabolism and balanced body system. OPA SNOW is not a drug. It is a safe and green product derived from natural plant extracts, suitable and beneficial to the human body without causing any adverse effects to both mother and child.
Q: Is exercising still required while using OPA SNOW?
A: OPA SNOW acts as an exercise accelerator. Any daily activity is enough to unleash immense results! Use twice a day, Spray once in the morning: Waking up from bed and wear home slippers equals to 300 crunches; Typing, Carrying a bag, Dressing up, totals up to 500 weight lifts! Spray the second time before stepping out of the house: Exit bedroom towards the living room, Leave the house and Walk towards the bus stop, Leaving the elevator towards the office totals up to a 10000 meters slow jog. Results get better when combined with actual sports!
Q: Will it cause any diarrhea when OPA SNOW is applied on the stomach?
A: You can be assured OPA SNOW does not cause any diarrhea. First of all, it is not a drug based
product. Secondly, it is produced using only high quality plant extracts which does not cause any harm to the human body.
Q: What does it feel like after spraying OPA SNOW onto my skin? Providing that it is an external use only product, does it expel body fats through the skin pores?
A: Simply spray OPA SNOW on intended areas and observe its quick absorption into the body, gradually feel some heat arising and vibrating internally yet refreshing externally. It does not take long for the body fats to ‘exercise’ later on with a constant and obvious vibration sensation. OPA SNOW aims to promote higher metabolism and self-sufficient internal exercises. When applied and combined with 5 minutes of exercise, the result of your effort mounts up to 20 minutes of jogging. This brings its effectiveness into a higher level by increasing the speed of product absorption deep into the skin layers. Even though you have stopped exercising, the body is still working internally. OPA SNOW is a well-developed, safe and green product; it does not expel body fats through the skin pores but solves the matter internally.
Q: How does OPA SNOW effectively solve and help a person to lose fat?
A: OPA SNOW is an exercise accelerator, a unique product introducing new slimming methods with great efficacy and ultimately green and safe both to the environment and the human body. OPA SNOW helps an individual to burn body fat naturally and molds the body into perfect shape. Spray on applicable areas, slightly massage and seal the ingredients into the skin for an enhanced fat burn. This could avoid excess body fat formation and accumulation which leads to uneven skin tones and saggy loose skin. Combine with brisk walking for better effectiveness and faster fat break down. Meanwhile, other ingredients such as Arabica coffee beans and imatinib leaf extracts plays their part by enhancing the body system and renews the body metabolic rate. When applied and combined with 5 minutes of exercise, the result of your effort mounts up to 20 minutes of jogging! It is a simple solution to battle stubborn fats and orange peels! This revolutionary contributes so greatly in the beauty industry as well as its users providing a new theory in the slimming industry with proven results of such high efficacy and incredible fat loss.
Q: Will there be any rebound weight gain after using OPA SNOW?
A: Hello! There will not be any rebound weight gain. OPA SNOW contains pectin which accelerates fat burn, forming fatty oils, pushing excess fats into the intestines for detoxification. This forms a proportionate amount of body fat in the body, whereas a rebound is impossible.
Q: What are the main ingredients in OPA SNOW, will cause adverse effects onto the human body?
A: OPA SNOW is purely a plant based product tailor made towards a green solution, where no harmful radicals and chemicals are added. OPA SNOW contains these main ingredients such as Green Bean Coffee, Jojoba Oil, Ginger Extracts and Imatinib Leaf Extracts. This unique formula promotes slimming as well as detoxification and increases skin elasticity. Ginger Extracts: Rapidly increases body and skin metabolism as well as blood circulation. Green Coffee Beans: Regulates skin metabolism and expels extra body fluid to battle uneven orange peel skin conditions and promotes better skin elasticity. Jojoba Oil: Moistures and combats aging providing soft touchable skin. Imatinib Leaf Extracts: Improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism for a harmonious flow in the body system.
Q: Does OPA SNOW truly produce results as stated on adverts, will it help me to slim down?
A: It is highly determined by the physique of the individual, therefore producing various results. Some people may experience slower results; some may be faster depending on the ingredient toleration and acceptance into the body system. OPA SNOW has received numerous praises after its official launch; succeeding a hundred thousand success rate by consumers alone, mainly recognized OPA SNOW as a technologically inspired healthy solution for speedy slimming. This phenomenon has triggered several looting incidents, prompting numerous supply shortages in the market! We guarantee OPA SNOW is a pioneer in the slimming industry today, providing unexpected results and helping you succeed your dream figure. We aim to serve our consumers and do not add any chemicals and prohibited ingredients, so please use in assurance of its given quality.
Q: I’m not overweight, however my face and arms may need a bit of help, in this case, can I still use OPA SNOW only for these areas?
A: An absolute yes. OPA SNOW targets fatty tissues. Persist and spray on desired areas to achieve results.
Q: Is OPA SNOW suitable for men as well?
A: Male or female, fatty tissues consist of similar cells and structure. OPA SNOW targets and burns fatty tissues away by accelerating metabolism rate and promotes internal exercise. Works perfectly well for men and women, young and old alike.